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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Learning Microsoft Dynamics AX and SharePoint

This year (2009) I started in a new job. My current employee delivers solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics Ax. I had never heard about this software before, so it was quite interesting to jump from ASP.Net web-development to something completely different. Well, not completely. As Microsoft drives this solution forward they push the users out on web-based interfaces. And currently SharePoint is the engine for this. I haven?t touched SharePoint before, but I know a little about Web Parts as it is a well-known ASP.Net implementation.

So much to learn, but I thrive in this line of work, so I can?t complain. It would be really cool if I could post some of my experience on this blog. Don?t hold your breath though, as I post blog posts seldom (just check the archive).

Thanks for reading!

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