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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Learning Microsoft Dynamics AX and SharePoint

This year (2009) I started in a new job. My current employee delivers solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics Ax. I had never heard about this software before, so it was quite interesting to jump from ASP.Net web-development to something completely different. Well, not completely. As Microsoft drives this solution forward they push the users out on web-based interfaces. And currently SharePoint is the engine for this. I haven?t touched SharePoint before, but I know a little about Web Parts as it is a well-known ASP.Net implementation.

So much to learn, but I thrive in this line of work, so I can?t complain. It would be really cool if I could post some of my experience on this blog. Don?t hold your breath though, as I post blog posts seldom (just check the archive).

Thanks for reading!

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Netvibes, in Norwegian

I like Netvibes as a personal startpage in my favourite browser. Along with several other users of Netvibes I have tried to contribute in the translation and localization of the interface. As of yesterday, Netvibes is now available with norwegian content, including fully translated interface and a pretty decent RSS-feed directory.
Try it today at

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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Norwegian translation of Gmail has been launched!

Finally, I might add.

Yesterday, friday the 29th of september, I got a mail telling me the norwegian translation was available.

I last checked the languageoptions the week before, so I'm not sure when exactly they release the translation. Regardless, this is great news and being the creator of the "Gmail in norwegian"-petition the satisfaction was enhanced even more. I would like to thank Google for finally letting us norwegians use Gmail in our own language. It lowers the threshold for many of the people who want to use Gmail but do not read and understand english as good as ... me (?). ;-)

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Google for my domain

I have moved my mailservice to Google, and for you norwegian audience here is a brief memo of my experience so far. For the rest of you I can just let you all know, I simply love it (part of the conclusion in that norwegian memo).

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Windows Live Writer and Blogspot

This definately seems to work. I'm not the most active blogger, but using a Wysiwyg-tool like Windows Live Writer to edit my blog from Blogspot seems like a good choice to me. Unfortunately the preview couldn't download the template so I could see exactly how the complete layout would look, but that's probably just because I've done some customizations to it. The application is quick, small and has a great userinterface. Good job, MS!

Here's a screenshot: