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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Google Desktop Search Download

One of the most used search engines today is Google. Its fast and reliable (matter of opinion, yes).
What if you could search your own files, mail, internethistory and chatdialogs with the speed and userfriendliness provided by Google's service? You can!

Google Desktop Search is a new tool from and the usability is awesome. I mean after indexing my over 100 GB of local files, incuding thousands of mails and hundres of pages in my internet history (which I purge from time to time), I can search through all of it and get my result in just a flash (avarage 1 second). Its amazing! And the index files are only a couple hundred megs. This is great not only for business people needing a quick search through all their documents and mail, but also for home users needing a quick way to find any files.

You should all definately check it out!